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Articus Studio Embellishments

Microscope slides are "HOT" and we have a great price on the artist grade microscope slides.  Microscope slides are another project item featured in the Tim Holtz Distressables and doo-dads book.  The beveled glass makes a wonderful pin,  use them as you would the microscope slides, on top of scrapbooks, boxes, etc.  Don't forget the metal copper tape or silver tape for soldering or just for a nice finished look on your slides or glass.  Check out the slide art mailers - they make a great gift also.


Artist Grade Microscope Slides~These slides measure 1" x 3".  They have fine ground edges, optical quality glass and nice mitered corners.  No distortion.   Don't forget the Copper Tape or Tacky Tape to finish your creation in elegance.  Pkg. 15 slides.

Blk Microscope Slides ~ Box of 72 slides.

Fine Adhesives


Special Project Art Glass~ These are for those special projects you want to add that extra spark to.  This decorative art glass measures 3/4" x 3/4" and has a raised center coming to a point and highlighting 4 separate triangles within the glass.  The glass does not distort your image except for a little directly under the center point.  This art glass is complete clear also.  You can add them to your microscope slides or other size glass to highlight a particular area on your project.  You could turn them into matching earrings for a matching pendant and earring set.  The picture shows these right side up and upside down for a better feel of the glass.  Unfortunately, they didn't scan too well but will truly be a beautiful addition to your art piece.   The small size and the design make these a tad more expensive that the larger glass pieces.  Pkg. 1

Find Metal Tapes here-copper, wavy, bulk, etc.

Find Microscope Slide Art Mailers here

The Earth Tone Ball Chains will look great with the Memory Frames!

Use these leaf bails with your microscope slides or other glass sizes, just fold the bail and glue onto your microscope slide.
You can also use them on small projects as angel wings.


Sample on Shrink Plastic

Gold or Silver Finish Leaf Bails~ Now the jewelry making name for these is Beaver Tail Bail- however I prefer leaf because that is what it reminds me of.  To use, you can attach these with jewelry glue to stones,  donut pendants, etc. to create a stunning necklace by folding in half.  You can also use them as an embellishment for your scrapbooks, card making etc.  I saw a wonderful example in a book or magazine but couldn't find it again after I received these in.  I am sure you can relate to that!  They measure approx. 1" long and approx. 1/4" at widest point on leaf.  These are not for wider projects like dominos- work best with thinner projects.  Pkg. 7.

Gold Finish Leaf Bail, Pkg. 7

Silver Finish Leaf Bail, Pkg. 7


Jewelry Tweezers~ These measure approx. 3 1/4" in length and have a flat surface for gripping items.  I put them on this page because I think they would work great if your are soldering your slides and need something to hold them (they get pretty hot).  You may have a different use for them in mind.  They are not spring loaded so you control the open and close function manually.

Don't forget the pin backs for your collage under glass pins!


Simply Swank Small Trapezoid Shape Glass~This glass comes in a trapezoid shape so it is wider at one end than the other.  It measures approx. 3/4" high and 3/4" at its widest  (the smaller end measures 1/2").  Pkg of 4 pieces of glass.


Microscope Slide Glass, Artist Quality- 3" x2.5" Size~ This is our newest glass addition.  At  3" x 2.5" they are a tad larger than ATC size.   You can maximize them also if you know how to cut glass, you can cut them on the diagonal for a cool triangle piece.   You get 72 slides.  The sample picture shows a collage from the Suze Weinberg Instant Art book.

NEW!!!   Faux Glass.....
Not really, just clear acryllic craft plastic.  I thought this would make a lovely alternative to the big glass shortage of 2007. 
You can use this acrylic in place of the glass.  I think it will even work in the frames, although you will have to bulk it up to use the frames- make your project thicker. 
You can sandwich your art work, photos or collage between 2 pieces of the acyrlic and wrap with the copper foil tape or other tape.  I think the end result is quite nice and a wonderful alternative to the glass.
These acrylic faux glass come in 3 sizes, 1"x3", 2" x 2" and 1.5" x 2".     I even soldered 2 pieces together after sandwiching in the artwork and wrapping with copper tape.  It worked pretty good but the solder was hard to get to flow evenly and fast.  The acrylic does not conduct the heat like the glass so it was slow going.  Need some patience for it but it can be done.   


Acrylic Faux Glass ~ You can see from the photo how I was able to solder this together using a clip from the Suze Weinberg book.  This alternative to glass is lightweight, won't break, chip or cut and is also acid free.  You get 24 pieces to a pack in any size.

Acrylic Faux Glass 1.5" x 2" size         $3.49

Acrylic Faux Glass 1" x 3" Size                   $3.29

Acrylic Faux Glass  2" x 2" $3.49

Samples shown on Rangers Website showcasing their Ranger Memory Glass and Memory Frames.

Ranger Project- Love Journal

Ranger Project - House of She

FYI~ Are your Solder Tips getting dark & oxidized??
One of my customers shared her saga with her soldering iron and I thought I would pass it along to you.  Hopefully, it can prevent someone from going thru this.
She had 2 soldering irons, a Radio Shack one and an Inlad 100 watt one.  The tips kept getting really dark and oxidized- she was using tip cleaner/tinner regularly and following all the directions.  She would solder a few pieces and then it would quit  taking solder on  her- quite frustrating to say the least.  She researched everything she could on taking care of your tips and this is what she found out.
The lead free solder melts at a much higer temperature than the solder containing lead and they are bad on tips.  One site specifically mentioned not to use the INLAND 100 Watt Irons with the lead free as she also was having customers complain about the same problem (tip dark and oxidized). 
The recommendation is that if you are using lead free solder or silver gleam, the Weller 100 watt iron is the best.  It ranges in price from $63-$75 depending on where you buy it. 
I hope this helps stave off a frustrating soldering problem for someone.

See more collages under glass at the Idea Gallery

 Attention:  Most things are shipping in one day but may have the occasional extra day here and there.  Still recovering from Knee Replacement surgery, Oct. 23rd.  Doing pretty good but it still has its days.
Thanks so much for your patience during this time.

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PLEASE make sure your Paypal ADDRESS is CORRECT before placing your order.  Thanks!  It also helps to have a correct email address if I need to contact you re your order.  Thanks.
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When checking out with Paypal, please add your phone number.  The United States Postal Service is requiring that for all international shipments now.
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